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Armor All Tire Shine uses

PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 9:28 am
by Les / Vipers Rule
Many would know of this product from Armor All, with the shaped foam applicator. I find it works VERY WELL at giving your tires a clean, deep and shiny black look. Generally easy to apply with the applicator and the stuff lasts a long time even after driving in rainy weather.

I have found another good and durable use for the product. Semi-mat black exterior and engine bay trim. I take a easy to use micro fibre cloth and lightly dampen the cloth in an area where you can manipulate and guide the product on cloth with a couple of fingers. Wipe this product on black trim around your car. I have semi-mat black trim around my door jams, my windshield wiper arms and tops of blades, black engine hoses and plastic parts, black window seals and the rubber and vinyl seals around doors etc. Lightly but thoroughly wipe this product on these items and after a few minutes to settle on the areas applied wipe any excess residue off. It leaves all black trim in a nice semi-mat, but deep black finish and it will last a long time even repelling rain for a long while.

Anyways just a few thoughts on how I use this stuff not just for my tires but other exterior black trim items. Your mileage may vary though.