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So I've decided that when I'm ready to pull the trigger...

PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2015 7:25 pm
by Les / Vipers Rule
On my next car purchase, it's narrowed down to these.

1: 2005-2009 Ford Mustang, most likely a V-6, Yeah, yeah I know GT's with their V-8 are a step up but I have not found and probably won't find any in the price range (under $10,000 CDN. Preferably under $8000. CDN) I want to max. out on. Of course if the right V-8 falls into my range, it will be considered. The 05-09 V-6 models do put out 210hp and 240lb.ft. so they are quick enough to get out of their way. I really like the looks of this generation of Mustang and for a 2 door coupe they still have half assed ok rear seats for adults.

2: 2003-2008 Mazda 6 With the V-6 engine. I've always liked these Mazdas and I feel they are among the nicest styled and designed 4 door sporty cars made in the first decade of the 2000's. The cars look great inside and outside and obviously have ample rear seating being a 4 door. 220hp 192lb.ft V-6 engine has ample power for most any driving including spirited.

3: An unlikely 3rd choice. 1987-1993 Dodge Daytona TURBO's either Shelby's or IROC Turbos. A classic Dodge sporty coupe that IMO stands the test of time nicely in styling. Again ample power and speed for most driving. But I highly doubt I will find one in good enough shape anymore and in a fair price point given the age. It's on my list for my nostalgia feelings of having a nice 1988 Shelby Z.


Obviously the Mustang and Mazda 6 are the real logical choices here. What do you all think about each, which would you buy for a fun, affordable daily driver that has cool styling and easy livability?

Re: So I've decided that when I'm ready to pull the trigger

PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2015 8:13 pm
by thewalrus
If you don't have a need for real back seats and 4 doors, and you're comfortable daily driving a rear wheel drive car in inclement weather (I don't see why you wouldn't be), I'd go with the Mustang.

The Mazda is a great car. Never driven one, but I've heard wonderful things about their handling and performance. And their styling appeals to my eye. However, it's a car that's fundamentally designed around particular needs - if you don't have those needs, and you don't otherwise prefer the Mazda 6's design or performance, I'd go with the Mustang.

Re: So I've decided that when I'm ready to pull the trigger

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 12:07 am
by Les / Vipers Rule
Both cars are cool to my opinion. The Mustang does have a half assed useable back seat so at least one could carry four adults. The Mazda 6 would be no problem for any rear seat passengers. Both cars will have similar performance numbers and both are more than adequate in quickness, speed and general spirited handling. Of course Mustang being rear drive would be more fun in that regard. I have no problem with rear drive and bad weather. I owned an 83 RX-7 living up country long ago and it drove well enough even with all season tires through winters. Either car will get true winter tires before winter sets in though. Both look great to my eyes.

The used Mustang is a little bit more expensive for models I've seen used but both cars have models within my estimated price range.

I do plan on keeping either car for a long period of time. Over 5 years and maybe closer 7 or 10. My Elantra will have been with me for 5 years come June. I had my Daytona Shelby Z for 14+ years so I'm ok with owning a car for a longer time period if I like it.

Simply my plans are sometime between 5-7-10 years to be in the market for a then to be more affordable Hemi Challenger or Hemi Charger (Charger if by that time I would be ok with an auto box). I just do not feel comfortable buying a Challenger even used today, but after the Mustang or Mazda I surely see a Hemi Challenger or Charger in my garage.

Well that is the basic plan.

Re: So I've decided that when I'm ready to pull the trigger

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 12:21 am
by ryguy79
I would take a Mazda 6 over a 6cyl Mustang any day.

I honestly can't comprehend wanting a 6cyl Mustang. If you're planning to keep it so long why go half-assed?

Re: So I've decided that when I'm ready to pull the trigger

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 1:23 pm
by Talon
I, too, don't know why the V6 Mustang.

The Mazda6 is FWD but don't know how much that'll matter if you're not pushing its limits.

Regarding the Daytona, good luck finding on in decent shape.

Re: So I've decided that when I'm ready to pull the trigger

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 11:18 pm
by Les / Vipers Rule
The 05-09 Mustang looks cool, it is rear drive. The V-6 has decent performance. 0-60 times in and around 6.5 seconds, 1/4 mile about 15 seconds. It has good all around handling and braking too for days where one may want a spirited drive. Don't forget my current Elantra has stats as these, 0-60 in about 8.5 seconds, 1/4 mile in and about 16.5 seconds. Both are adequate stats and the car feels spritely. But it is not sporty car nor performance car. It handles good for a compact sedan but not like any sporty car would. Based on looks I am enamored to the Mustang.

The 03-08 Mazda 6 has similar performance stats to the Mustang, it looks kick but for a 4 door. It gets nice reviews and will be kindler to rear seat occupants. I like both cars visually. I guess its RWD vs FWD, 2 Door vs 4 Door. Mustang name and history vs A very well rounded out Mazda 6.

It's gonna come down to WHAT is available in either car for when I'm ready to pull the trigger. If a GT Mustang can be had for near price of a V-6 then I may look at it too. But I do worry about previous owners beating up their V-8 Mustangs. V-6 drivers probably drove the V-6 easier. But I will keep an open mind.

I agree with Talon on the Daytona Turbo, say 87-93, Shelby's or IROC's. Probably gonna be hard to find one that is in good shape for a daily driver and long term keeper. DAMN my 88 Shelby Z WAS IN GREAT SHAPE! It was gonna need some work when I got rid of it. It's paint was showing its age but it still polished out well. I have pics of it that I look back on from time to time, including the engine bay, damn the engine bay was so clean it looked near new. I should have kept the car, found a good mechanic to begin overhauling things that it would soon need. But alas I got a case of the I WANT ANOTHER CAR TO DRIVE! Meh such is life.

Be it a Mustang or Mazda 6 it will be one that I will baby and care for and happily keep for 5-7 maybe 10 years. But I will keep sniffing around the used market and hopefully find one or the other that I really like.

Re: So I've decided that when I'm ready to pull the trigger

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 4:08 pm
by Arthur Dent
Have you driven a Mazda 6? I test drove a Mazda 6 V6 manual back in 2005/2006 time frame. My mother was looking for a car. It honestly didn't feel that powerful or special. Handled nice enough but it wasn't as much of an improvement over the four cylinder / manual as one would suspect. She ended up with a slightly used Acura TSX 4cyl/6spd.

You've done the Daytona. You had a nice example. I'd move on and try something different.

Re: So I've decided that when I'm ready to pull the trigger

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 4:12 pm
by Turbojett
With the Mustangs, would you consider the generation beforehand? Like, somewhere in the 2001-2004 range? They seem to be pretty inexpensive. I checked AutoTrader, and there seems to be a few GT models near me under $10K USD (yeah, I know, one and a quarter difference), usually in the $8000-9000 range.
I did actually find a couple 2005 GT's in that range as well.

Re: So I've decided that when I'm ready to pull the trigger

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 8:00 pm
by Les / Vipers Rule
I have friends who have a Mazda 6 with V6 and they are pleased with the car. It drives nicely for a 4 door sporty sedan. It would be a more spirited car than my current Elantra.

As to the Daytona, yeah Arthur in many ways you are right, it is just that I have nothing bad to say with that car, so to find one in good shape would be great but I'm not likely to find one that I would really like.

And for Turbojett, pre 2005 Mustangs are ok but not many available right now, nor ones in good shape being much cheaper than 05-09. Anyways, I'm in looking around mode and will not buy one of these car choices until I'm comfortable with the thought of keeping one for a long time.